Welcome to Starcadia.io®


Starcadia.io® is a Play to Earn game "P2E",

Based on the WAX blockchain in a NFTs universe, which offers several different games in an Arcade, New Retro style, in cyber fantasy punk universes. Collect an entire space fleet.

Use your NFTs to participate in the Staking Pool against a STAR token.

Automate your ships for FREIGHTERS transports, for the chance to collect random base blocks, in exchange for some game points. *Directly in your wallet

Play directly on our official website https://starcadia.io/. With the help of Spacecrafts you will be able to choose a level, to participate in wild games in an Arcade Retro universe that will reward you with game points. For Mint Other NFT from the collection

The category of Hangars will be very useful to you, to cancel the resting time of your various Spaceships. Their capacity is an attribute that is transferred to the different ships of the collection. The reloading of the Spaceships by the Hangars will "give you in addition your equivalent in points of game," of weight its capacity used.

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