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How does the STARCADIA® economy work ?

In STARCADIA, you will challenge alien civilizations from the depths of the universe and explore various environments.

Equipped with spaceships in the form of NFTs, you will earn game points that will allow you to exploit new NFT assets and to be at the head of an ever larger and more powerful fleet of ships.

You will also be able to sell them on the various marketplaces and store them in pools in order to benefit from numerous bonuses.

How does staking work in STARCADIA® ?

On WAX, nft have a weight and are stored in RAM. You will need to collect RGB blocks, a standard item in starcadia that will be used for all trades and increase the efficiency of staking. The higher your mined assets, the greater the efficiency.

How does a WAX wallet work ?

STACARDIA is built around the WAX blockchain. You can easily create a private key wallet on Anchor. You will then need to buy directly from the wax cloud wallet platform or transfer exchanges (e.g. Binance) WAX to it.

WAX Cloud Wallet
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How to buy NFT STARCADIA assets ?

Pour acquérir des NFT Starcadia, il y a deux solutions :
  • En accédant aux drops directement sur la plateforme netftyblock :
  • By buying on different marketplaces like AtomicHub or NFT Hive

How do I buy STAR tokens?

The STARCADIA STAR token has several functions:

  • Like the WAX, it can be used to purchase NFT assets on STARCADIA.
  • It will also be used as a currency in multiplayer games.

To get them, you need to go to the Alcor marketplace. It is possible to place orders and buy with the pair $STAR / $WAX.

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