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Welcome to Starcadia, the exciting space arcade game!
In Starcadia, spaceships are not the only things with capacity attributes. Hangars also have their own capacity attribute, allowing you to maximize your point gains by using your storage space efficiently.
In the Hangars game mode, you can place ships in your hangar to reach its total capacity. When you click on the** "Park" action**, all ship points inside the hangar are credited as game points. Additionally, the parking action can cancel the wait time for ships used to relaunch a new mission.
By strategically combining the capacity attributes of ships with those of hangars, you can increase your score and improve your fleet more quickly. In the Freighters game mode, you can try to win exclusive rewards by using your ships and game points accumulated in previous missions.
*With a variety of ships and hangars at your disposal, as well as exciting game modes, Starcadia is the perfect place for space arcade game fans. Join us now for a fun and challenging gaming experience! *
Hangart T01-S


Two essential hangar utilities in Starcadia.io :

> Cooldown cancellation

  • Hangar capacity is an attribute that allows to store a certain number of spaceships, to cancel the cooldown, resting time.

> Passive point earnings

  • After selecting Park and your asset selection your weight in capacity used, you will be paid in game points. With awarded use of Hangars.

In Hangar

Select Ship will open a window . of your ship inventory .
  • The green ships are the ships ready to play.
  • The red ships are the waiting ships.
Hangars sub-menu

In Window Park

In the center of the window you can see a limit not to be exceeded. This screen is made on a Hangars T01-C it has a point capacity of 2050 not to be exceeded*.
  • If you exceed too much the total capacity the action will have an error and you will have to start again the selection

Push Park

All you have to do is collect the capacity in the form of game points. and your ships will be available again for all kinds of missions
Here is the table of Attributes of the NFTs of the "hangars" schema
Table of Hangars attributes
Table of Freighters attributes

About Hangars :

Hangars Blends :

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