๐ŸŽฐPromo Serie 1

Collection: - starcadiawax ; Schema: - promo

Packs Promo for Blend

Recipe = Pack Promo MVP

You will need to own all 8 different colors to access a special recipe. >here all the NFT assets in the game, at the time of its MVP release, will be available, randomly. For a wild Drop.

Promo Pack recip

This Pack contains :

  • X1 Space tation 01

  • X1 Whitelist Ticket

  • X1 Testnet Ticket

  • X1 Hangar T-01

  • X1 Hangars Pack x3

  • X1 Hangars PAck x1

  • X1 Spacecrafts Garantee x1

  • X1 Super Hornet 01 Common

  • X1 Heavy FIghter 01 Common

  • X1 Super Hornet 01 Common

  • X1 RGB Block

  • X1 Green Block

  • X1 Yellow Block

  • X1 Orange Block

  • X1 Red Block

  • X1 Pink Block

  • X1 Purple Block

  • X1 Blue Block

  • X1 Cyan Block

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