Presentation of the origins of Starcadia.io®


Long ago, in another dimension, the futurist ......

On a planet called Gaia,

Nano-organisms appeared. Since then, this young globe has been exploited for mining purposes. Since the existence of its first living bio-organisms. Over time, the biotope has multiplied and reformed to give rise to truly more complex and autonomous beings.

This new anthropoid organism refined itself by cultivating more and more minerals for vital needs and building materials. In order to be safe from the different temperaments of Gaia. With the help of the mastery of fire, it began to acquire greater autonomy in the accumulation of energy. They started to create their own tools and primary machines. With the sole purpose of searching and collecting minerals in raw form (rock), various mineral salts and/or mineral oils (Petra).

A few thousand years later, once this primitive stage had passed, the humanoids began to group together in different federations. Borders were established, with the appearance of the first local idols. More sophisticated machines to extract even more minerals in all their forms, including energy-rich (oil). Who says borders, does not delay to see appearing the first wars of territory...

Over time, humanity, in the hope of eradicating the phenomenon of war, made the decision to become a World Confederation. But this did not help the stability of the planet, which was exploited exponentially. On the contrary, the growing civilization had more and more needs for energy and minerals. With all its technological advances, electronics, automatic, the inventions were always pharaonic. The machines then started to be more greedy than the evolved bio-organism itself.

There was a golden age, but they abused the mineral wealth, which their dear world offered. With the sole purpose of accessing maximum comfort. Then along came a computing algorithm called Bitcoin, which was a revolution in the world of decentralization within this global confederation. Wealth was divided and exchanged freely. But the energy resources of this new kind of calculation were harmful to Gaia, once again. And the warming of its temperament, only increased. New mining processes of all kinds were born. There was an overfeeding of the markets by the big industrialists. The rarest ores began to be started to run out, for the creation and transport of this kind of materials was disproportionate. Blockchain protocols, such as EOS, WAX, have participated in a green environment. By the early development of proof of stake.

The Confederation did not look kindly on this, as its subjects began to become financially self-sufficient in free trade, a great global pandemic emerged. The economy stalled, but in the meantime, the leaders decided to accelerate the manufacture of quantum supercomputers. With these new machines with their impressive mining efficiency, it was very difficult to continue to compete with this new kind of industry. At that time, Gaia was already on the verge of an energy breakdown. But the evolution continued... These quantum supercomputers were soon put to other uses, in the search for new and even more powerful technological advances. This thirst for knowledge and curiosity drove humanity to the extreme tangent that Gaia could sustain. The first years of the project showed that the ability to create inter-dimensional portals was possible, thanks to the magnetism given off by these machines in full charge.

A few decades before the year 2999, the mastery of inter-dimensional and temporal travel was finally mastered, the doors to other worlds were finally accessible. The mineral wealth was overflowing. But these quantum supercomputers also required an exponential need for energy. Until the day when the hostile threat was finally encountered. And then, the ecological side was no longer a problem, we had to defend ourselves against this new threat. For which we were only insignificant.

These super quantum machines eventually got the better of Gaia. The last moments before the end, all these facilities, were connected to the very core of our star, beyond its weakness. Its instability was felt in all its solar system by the electromagnetic oscillation of this one until its total dislocation. At the critical moment of this apocalypse, quantum blocks and other forms of primordial energies were released and dispersed in all the confines of the universe.

Fortunately, an independent company, Starcadia®, was the world leader in extra-planetary development, and already offered several space transportation services. The most prestigious company, which had the luxury of putting a nuclear locomotive into orbit, was stamped 999.

Today, only a few Starcadians remain from this civilization. Spacewalkers, looking for these blocks of quantum energy, and all possible ores for, as originally, their vital needs and their needs in building materials. Several unidentified beings remain hostile to the Starcadians, probably for the same needs of perpetuity. An old legend spoke of a world called Arcadia, an Eden where all types of Biotope would live in symbiosis and harmony, without any need for energy dependence.

Starcadia® invites you to participate in this great quest, by accessing your first Spacecrafts you will then be able to explore the different destinations, proposed by our company, to go hunting directly your first resources in the hope of accessing your future, own fleet and become a great commander in this quest.

Starcadia® wishes you an excellent discovery. May the force be with you and especially with your Skill ;)

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