The Starcadia team strives to stay as connected as possible with our community. To do this, we use many common communication solutions. We've outlined them below for your convenience. The first stop is to check out our discord, we have a very friendly, supportive community and a dedicated moderator and support team. This is the primary means of communication for our community and we strongly recommend that you consider it your first stop. For those who prefer a lighter solution, we also have an excellent Telegram group: https://t.me/StarcadiaPlay. This is a much smaller version of the community you'll see on Discord, but it's another option you can look into. Don't forget to subscribe to our medium so that you'll be notified of all announcements and updates to the project as soon as they are posted. This is the most important way Starcadia team provides updates to the community. Our YouTube channel has some very helpful tutorial videos. You can check them out here on Starcadia PlayToEarn. You can also follow us on Reddit and on Twitter. Finally, the Starcadia game has a very detailed and interesting collection of Lore, which is a must read for anyone who wants to know the details of the game. The information is published as the game progresses and you can find it here.

Email Contact

E-mail Founder : antonyohan@starcadia.io

E-mail Business : business@starcadia.io

E-mail Contact : contact@starcadia.io

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