RoadMAP 2023 :

  • T1 - 2023 "Finalization V1"
Plot drop giveaway NFTs, Other Games (ads) Deployment of Quantiflux, dedicated staking open a maximum of LP pool Token STAR/* Creation of Mint Hangars Limited 6 Hours Add ores and ingots for Quantomagnets Blend. Add Basic Minerals Template to freights missions Add a Super Hornet 01 -F and its acquisition system
  • T2 - 2023 "Website redesign"
Add Mother ships and other Templates New Website React Add Wallet Wombat
  • T3 -2023 "Improvement of contracts"
News Games Modes Add news actions in contracts
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⇘ First deploiement Roadmap ⇙

  • Q1 - 2022 "Idea"
✅ Idea and game concept discovery. ✅ Analysis of the first game contracts. ✅ Design of the first environments and sketches. ✅ Exploration of the EOS environment.
  • Q2 - 2022 "MVP"
✅ Deployment of the STAR Token. ✅ Deployment of the domain © Starcadia.io . ✅ Premint of the first uncommon assets. ✅ Opening of presales, airdrops and giveaways. ✅ Deployment of the first game contracts, minting and recipes. ✅ Getting whitelisted on Atomichub and other exchanges ✅ Added higher difficulty levels and rewards. 1-0 & 1-1
  • Q3 - 2022 "Alpha"
✅ Sales of bundle. ✅ New Bounties, airdrops & rewards. ✅ Awards top ranking of different sections. ✅ New Bounties, airdrops & rewards ✅ Apogee of the evolution of the first level. ✅ Improvement of the graphic assets of games, in superior rarity.
  • Q4 - 2022 "Beta"
✅ Unlocking Yin Alpha 01-F (Free) For all ✅ Add a Heavy Fighter (Free-Limited) x1/WL only ✅ Add all the qualities of hangars ✅ New lots of Bounties to buy and sell ✅ Optimization of the site's ergonomics ✅ Collaboration New project ✅ Addition of new Blends ✅ Creating the FRET ship model and its different qualities
  • 2023 "Beta"
Addition of New NFT dedicated to blends and others Creation of a new game mode. Creation of new space stations and mother ships. New Bounties, airdrops & rewards. Launch of a third level. ( New Real Boss )
  • The adventure keeps going... Cooperative game with 2 players. Launch of the PVP games.
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