๐Ÿš€Super Hornet 01 "Common"

Collection: - starcadiawax ; Schema: - spacecrafts ; Template: #510988

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Recipe Super Hornet 01 "Common"

To complete the recipe, from Super Hornet 01 "Common" :

You must have in your possession, all the NFTs indicated in the list. To create the Super Hornet 01 "Common". You will be able then, to take advantage of this device to play directly in starcadia.io, with games of Arcade New Retro. Or go on a cargo mission with 40% chance of success to win a BLock of random base color as a reward (more information in the cargo page). You can also put it in the dedicated starcadia.io stake on our website, for a weight of "165" in the pool.

  • x5 RGB Block

  • x1 Heavy Fighter 01 "Common"

  • x2 Yin Alpha 01 "Common"

Blend on NeftyBlocks

Details of ingredients

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