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What is Starcadia

Starcadia is an horizontal shoot'em up based on NFTs.

Points are accumulated playing the game, to build new more powerfull assets.

  • arcade game missions

  • automatic transport missions

  • hangars

  • asset stacking

Each part of the game will give you a chance to get rewards to use in exceptional recipes.

it may be possible to find what no one has ever discovered ..... who knows? if you manage to be the one who will be the greatest and the highest of all the other competing captains throughout the universe then you will find what everyone covets ..........


Starcadia dapp is the first strategic and economic new retro shoot'em up. You will achieve your goals by making your own way through the vacuum of space, floating and flying objects of all kinds.

This blockchain application allows you to play arcade games, and to get familiar with common DEFI protocols.

Starcadia offers several game modes based on gameplay skill, with an acade-style score based ranking to receive rewards, some crazier than others.

  • Level 1 - 0

  • Level 1 - 1

  • Future level ( Building)

  • Futur mode de jeux ( Building )

There will be a competition of skills, for more and more rewards to gain autonomy in development. You will then have to expand to explore the confines of the universe, using all types of advanced intra- or extra-planetary bases .......

The universe lies before your eyes .......

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